Prelude Actions
Player tutorial

Mirt The Moneylender

Hoden breaks into Mirt’s room and stands guard at the door in a confused and lost trance. Wodan punches through the wall and takes gunfire from Mirt. He then proceeds to ram the wall, breaking through it, and entering the conflict between Mirt and an armed and distressed woman. Thana and Quiatris engage with casting damaging and healing spells. Quiatris witnesses the woman escaping through the window and off into the distant city of Berdusk. The players kill Mirt after a long engagement with the large, determined, and exceptionally pissed man. The half-orc and human, former guard, murder Mirt by decapitation. The players fled the scene with Willhelm after some dialogue and looting of the tavern’s supplies. Willhelm reveals on Mirt’s corpse a harper insignia, and a Summit Member badge. Willhelm pockets the harper insignia and leaves the Summit Member badge on the corpse. Willhelm introduces his 3 friends and mercenaries; Rufel, Seriel, and Uriel. After brief deliberation, the players decide to adventure, by mercenary wagon, through the Woods of Sharp teeth to get to Candlekeep so that they may take a boat to Waterdeep. It takes them 4 days of travel to get to the Woods of Sharp Teeth.


After two days passed in the woods they are lured and attacked by mindflayers. The attack occurs from not heading Willhelm’s warning of keeping distance from Durlag’s Tower. The players killed a mindflayer. Willhelm abandons the players after watching Rufel and Uriel have their brains consumed by tentacle faced aberrations. The players barely escape leaving Seriel in the woods. Seriel’s whereabouts are unknown. The players spent 1 final day fleeing the forest. Over the course of 4 days the players acquire information about Willhelm and the Underdark; Willhelm is an ex-harper agent, his brother, Gino, has gone missing and suspects it has to do with him and his partner’s love affair with a High Harper’s daughter. Willhelm also shares that he helped the players flee the scene of the crime because he thinks their meeting “was for a reason” since he has been tracking the mysterious woman that was in the initial conflict with Mirt. He suspects that Summit corruption has lead to these events and is attempting to uncover some Summit Scandal. The players were unable to coax the reason he is stalking this woman. He shares lead that there is a Drow pirate by the name of Riffin located at the Quilted Hobgoblin in Skullport. This drow is likely the only person who could get the players to the Underdark. After reaching Candlekeep they find out the library is closed and harpers, not scholars, occupy the keep. After resting for a day and trading with the local harper requisition officer they visit the mess hall and find a sad, disheveled, and lonely man. The players learn that he was a janitor for Candlekeep and is leaving with the players to Waterdeep tomorrow. He also shares information of secret access to the library through the lavatory, 2nd stall on the right, toilet paper dispenser “to-the-right” trick. They used the secret entrance to the library through a restroom in the Candlekeep mess hall. They become separated into two teams of two, and fight their way through traps, long corridors, gargoyles, animated armors, and mysterious floating books. After a long journey the adventurers reunite and fight off 3 suits of armor and share the history question a unique and curious door gargoyle asks repeatedly. After incapacitating all of the floating books, lore is revealed and the players find out that the order the factions were formed were:
“The Scholars of Candlekeep were formed by a man named Alaundo, years before Waterdeep existed.”
“The Harpers original headquarters was Waterdeep. They moved to Berdusk after the plague was eradicated from the north.”
“The Neverwinter Knights couldn’t have founded their guild without the aid of another guildmaster, Seer Alaundo.”
“The Harpers were founded after the Temple of Tyr burned down the Floating Forest created by the Scholars.”
“Lord Nasher, founder of the Neverwinter Knights helped implement the Temple of Tyr and create the Political Summit”
“The Temple of Tyr helped Merchants looking for freedom from Lord Nasher’s taxes. This created the holy seat of the world and capitol of commerce, Waterdeep”
Answer: Scholars, Knights, Templars, Guards, and Agents.
They passed the lore question of the gargoyle and the gargoyle door in the library opened…

Prelude Narrative

Introduction of lore read by selected player character:
“The Sword Coast is governed by a strict set of common laws, Summit Laws. The laws are determined by a political Summit of different factions:
• Neverwinter Knights of the North
• Harpers of the South
• Temple of Tyr spread across the land
• Scholars of Candlekeep spread across the land
• The City Guards, of Splendor, Waterdeep
These factions and efficacy that control the land are usually stagnant. You notice a shifting tide along the Sword Coast. The number of seats (votes) each faction holds at the Summit is decided by donation, public opinion, and consensus. Appointed members of each faction are chosen by their own rules.
• Knights by majority vote of Knight Captains.
• Agents by a series of secret ranger quests.
• Templars by a color of smoke arising from a burning prismic wood.
• Scholars by trial of spellcraft tests.
• Guards by influence and relation to Waterdeep parliament
Appointed, selected, and/or elected Summit seats serve for four years. Recently Summit seat holders have been quickly transitioning for less than a year at a time. The career of a diplomat has quickly turned from safe, luxurious, and stable to dangerous and poverty stricken. Is something amiss with the ocean’s currents? If so, what seismic event is causing a tide to drawback? What winds draw us out further from the norm? Will our adventurers face the tsunami… or the storm?”
Scene introduction:
Wodan and Thana, there is rumor of a harper agent of the name Willhelm who knows of a way to access the Underdark. The last lead of his whereabouts is an inn he frequents. In the early morning he can be found at the inn you are staying at for a hardy breakfast of mead and cinnamon rolls. You decide to stay the night and join him before he gets too sloppy. It’s not much, you both felt in your stomach, but it’s all you had to go on. After all, when something goes missing for 100 years, you do what you do when something goes missing. You have to look to where it was last seen.

Quiatris, yesterday you saw one! You saw an Orc! You noticed that he seemed less toothy, and broad than your mentor had described them to be, but he most definitely was an orc. You stalked him from the market place to an inn, conveniently located right next to your park-like home. He was accompanied by a purple-blueish light skinned half-elf woman. You were intrigued! What is an elf doing with an orc. Your mind begins to spin with imagination and fantasy. Are they great adventurers like the ones that used to travel with your mentor!? After seeing what room they plan to stay the night, you decide you’ll just take a nap outside their window as a cat.

Hoden, it was the same thing each day. Follow Mirt, look tough, and watch him practice oral larceny. It was becoming terribly mundane and difficult to witness. The extortions, blackmails, and money collecting was getting worse recently. It seemed strange that he was pushing for more and more money; compared to your existence he had all the money you could imagine. You overheard once guarding his door him talking to himself. The guild of shadows, repayment, realm gate, and riches of another world…It made no sense to you and you left it out of your mind. A job was a job and eventually they would see your worth and you’d be let on a special assignment much like your brother. Your experience with Mirt became even stranger, he gives you 600 gold and asks you to travel to Berdusk. He didn’t answer any questions and seemed nervous whenever questions did arise. He typically has you sleep in the same room as him. It was awful; he snored like a boar, talked in his sleep, and suffered from night terrors. You’d wake, in the middle of the night to “BAH AHAHA the MONEY!” He’d lull back to sleep and you’d be left with your heart racing. You leapt at the idea, when he offered to put you in a suite next to his. The first night of good sleep you thought. Things might start looking up, you happily pondered as you fell asleep.

“STOP!!! HELP!!! GET OFF ME!!” sharp shrieks disrupting your slumber. Roll initiative.

Prelude Prep

You are entering the Jewel of the Vale, Berdusk. The sky is a cloud-speckled light blue and the sun’s warmth gently retards the cool spring air. The buildings are on average 2 stories tall, composed mainly of stone or wood with many trees, parks, and groves freckled amongst them. Berdusk is a larger city with many inhabitants; mainly Burduskan folk. They are Tethyrian, a human people of medium build and height, with dusky “olive-like” skin. There are a few dwarfs, elves, gnomes, halflings, and other unique species that occupy the city as members of The Harpers. The Harpers are a somewhat secret organization dedicated to promoting good, preserving history, and maintaining balance between civilization and nature. The city has three districts: The Rampart(west), The Marketplace(east), and The Commonplace(North).4900408f9c50cd19f2f225fab7b25fed.jpg

David purchased Greatsword, explorer pack, and healing potion. left with 75g
Megan purchased bedroll, +1 ritual dagger, component pouch, and scholar pack left with 99g
Hunter Purchased a battle axe. left with 590g. He made a scene in the market and townspeople are not longer trusting of him.
Sam purchased explorer’s pack, padded armor, potion of 1 turn invisibility, 15lbs bag of holding, navigator kit, herbal kit, healing kit, and a map of the sword coast.


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